Dyed Linens and Florals

Friends, have y’all used gel food coloring? We used the dye at Easter and I had dye left and used a mix of orange and red to create a peach color on my linens and faux geraniums. I also dyed a few linens pink-using red dye. Add hot water to a bowl and submerge the linens. Soak the linens for 5-10 minutes depending on how bright you want the linens to be. Once the dying is complete, rinse the linens until the water runs clear. Dry and iron. I also submerged the faux geraniums into the dye creating a peach color on the petals. The dye will not stay on the petals if washed, so I dried the petals without rinsing the dye. Also, the dye is strong and will color hands and clothing.