Hand Painted Entry

Friends, I hand painted our entry wall without a stencil! I went online to find different leaf and flower patterns, which were the designs I decided to go with. Once I found a few I liked, I did my best to copy the patterns onto our wall. I first painted our wall with Sherwin Williams Alabaster white and then used Waverley’s chalk celery green for the leaves and flowers. I started at the top right corner of our wall and copied the pattern all the way down. I kept going back to the very first leaves and flowers I painted, to keep the patterns in sync. I followed this technique across the wall. I painted for two hours and that included the base coat of Alabsaster. The kiddos and myself were ill most of the week, but that didn’t stop me. I have a difficult time resting while under the weather. Good for the soul. I did feel it the next day; oops. In the last photos one may notice how tired I look with messy hair, but don’t care. Cheers sweet friends!