Creative Spring Dining

Spring dining for one!? Haha, I only placed one setting since this was a step by step tutorial for my Instagram stories. I also added a tutorial below on how to create this linen bow. First off, I shoped my own house. Everything you see in this photo I already owned. Place your favorite runner out, add florals or greenery. I used moss which was a tad messy-may want to think about adding it to a small vase or teacup. I was being creative, lol. Choose some fillers such as these Hearth and Hand bud vases or lovely jadeite plates also by H&H. Add a charger plate, plates and your favorite linens. Adore these little bunny linen holders I found one year at World Market. I used gold flatwear and I added Great Great Gran’s crystal glasses. Cheers sweet friends!

Linen Bow Tutorial

1) Choose your linen and ring holder.

2) Open the linen up and lay flat.

3) Fold all four corners meeting at the center of your linen.

4) Turn the linen so it looks like a square.

5) Fold linen over.

6) Flatten

7) Thread the linen through the ring holder.

8) Fan out the ends.