Thrifted Treasure

Howdy friends, I was invited by Emily @LeCultivateur to purchase a thrifted item and add it to my home decorating. I was fortunate enough to find a beautiful blue-glass vase for 2.00 dollars! I also added a vintage garden print, an egg crate filled with egg shells, organic soil and fresh flowers from our garden..



I’ve teamed up with a group of fabulous gals who’ve also shared their thrifted treasures!

Terrie Decorate and More with Tip

Emily LeCultivateur

Amy Farmhouse Post

Dori This Full Life 5

6 thoughts on “Thrifted Treasure

  1. Amy, I love blue glass vase!! So pretty!! And, I absolutely adore the egg container with eggshell planters…so cute!!! This is such a beautiful spring display!!

  2. Amy, this is so pretty and only $2! Now that’s a bargain! I love the egg crate, too. So pretty how you arranged everything. Fun working on this together!

  3. Amy, I am loving how you took the egg carton and made a little garden. So cute! I love the vase with the tulip. You found some really cute items this challenge. I love the vignette your created.
    Thank you for joining us this month. It was a lot of fun working with you. Enjoy your day!

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