Fabric Painted Headboard

Ready for an update? I’m over grey and welcoming creams and beige this year. I’ve been updating several areas in our home, including furniture. Painted pieces are losing their paint and exposing the raw wood. Brass, instead of gold, and creamy ceramic dresser and door knobs! Decided to update our fabric headboard which use to be grey and is now a cream or more specifically linen. Linen is the color I chose for the headboard. The paint I used is a fabric paint purchased from Joann Fabric. I purchased 4 bottles to cover a 64x24in headboard.

Before starting to paint, add water to your paint to thin it. Thinning the paint will help rhe paint to apply smoothly. I also used a foam brush, but any brush will do. I started from the top down. I painted on three coats total.