Bleached Drop Cloth Curtains

Are you ready to update those linens? How about those boring beige drop cloth curtains? Sharing my experience with bleaching drop cloth curtains!

1. Choose a bleach. I went with Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach. This bleach is odor free and gentle on fabric.

2. Make sure your linens and or drop cloths are 100% cotton or very close. The bleach will not work on other fabrics.

3. Choose to soak the cloths in a bath tub or top loader washer. I used our bath tub.

4. Fill the tub with hot water and 8 Cups of bleach. Soak the cloths for 7 hours.

5. Using a pole or stick, push the cloths back down into the water every hour or two to make sure the cloths stay submerged in the water and bleach.

6. After soaking, rinse and ring out the cloths the best you can, so to safely transport the cloths into a top loader.

7. If available, place the washer on a power wash with a double rinse. Also add white distilled vinegar to the load, this will dilute the bleach. After the wash, dry and enjoy your new curtains!