Finding Our Ancestors

This post is dear to me and I am truly excited to share with y’all my adventures in finding my own ancestors and Family History work! Nearly 20 years ago my Mother began sharing all of the information she’d learned about our family history which her Grandmother shared with her. I received photos, charts, family heirlooms, ect. This process was a bit overwhelming at first but as I dove more into the past, it all began to make sense. Later in life I lived with my Great Aunt during my college years and she taught me even more on our Family History. I now have hundreds of family photos, the dearest family heirlooms and endless information. I will always treasure the time I spent with my Great Uncle and Aunt; the knowledge I received is priceless. Because I began learning my Family’s history at an early age I have so much knowledge and have preserved and kept those records for my children and generations to come and I am only in my 30s! My children know what their 5th Great Grandparents looked like because we’ve kept photos and stories of their lives. Family History isn’t just about finding the past, but the present. I know as I have sought my own ancestors I have better come to know myself. I’ve found stories and journalings I can relate to. If you’ve always wanted to start searching and finding your ancestors, I am here to assist! I have a few ideas to get y’all started. The best place to start is with yourself..

Begin writing about yourself; share your birth and life stories. I have a keep safe box full of photos, journals and memorable items from my life I’ve kept through the years. I hope to one day pass this information on to my children. Keeping a journal may be a difficult task for some, but every bit counts, so even if you’ve written a few sentences in a month, someone one day will love reading it.

Now it’s time to branch out. Once you’ve established yourself I recommend finding a Family History platform you love. My number one go to FH platforms are Family Search and Ancestry. Family Search is free, but Ancestry isn’t. Ancestry offers several plans and has endless records to seek out one’s family. One can simply use either platform on a desktop or phone. Both platforms are free apps one can download at the Play Store. Once you’ve chosen a platform the fun begins! If one hasn’t already, reach out to parents, grandparents etc and ask them their full names, birthdays, stories and any other information that may be helpful in building your family tree. Here’s a link on how to use Family Search:

How to use Family Search

Ancestry is a wonderful

There are a variety of places to discover one’s ancestors. Several years ago my Great Aunt discovered a book which belonged to our Granddad-my 2nd Great. This book was his pharmacy journal and family record. My Granddad owned a pharmacy in Bradford Pennsylvania during the early 1900s. This book my Aunt discovered not only had information about his pharmacy but also a chronology of his family at the back of the book! This discovery was a blessing on so many levels and we were able to have more information about several of our relatives. It’s important to keep records and journals; for this very reason. If Granddad Wellington hadn’t written those family members names many years ago, we wouldn’t have this great info we have now.

There are several printables one can find online of pedigree, fan or tree charts. To get y’all started I’ve made a Family tree printable. Simply right click on the print to download. The print is free for personal use and not for resale.

Family Search has billions of records for free access. It’s simple to create an account and the rewards of discovering your family are priceless.

4 thoughts on “Finding Our Ancestors

  1. Love the photos! Lots of precious little girls all the way back in time. So cute. You’re so lucky that you found info on your gggrand’s pharmacy. We’ve been looking for anything on our family’s 19th century bakery, but no one even knows the name of it. Wish wish wish we had a recipe or a book like you do!

    1. Hello Tiffany, thank you for the message! Yes, we do feel very lucky and blessed for what we’ve found on my Granddad. We’re fortunate to live in a fast-pace world with so many resources. I hope you’ll soon be able to discover more about your family’s 19th century bakery. You never know what may turn up one day. I’ve also heard of people placing family photos of their ancestors on places such as Pinterest to see if anyone knows of more information. May not hurt to try. All the best!


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