Christmas Hoop Wreath

I was hoping for a wreath on our front door, but did not want to fork over 16 for a real or 30 dollars for a faux wreath, so I decided to create my own with items I had at home. The only item I didn’t have was the greenery. I found a box of faux greenery at Target for 6 bucks! Here’s how I made the wreath:


Embroidery or

Hula Hoop

Spray Paint


Glue gun


1) Spray paint the hoop. I chose a metallic gold by Rustoleum.

2) Spread out the greenery and arrange it to where you’d like it placed on the hoop before gluing.

3) Once you’ve found the right look begin to apply the hot glue on the hoop and add the greenery piece by piece. I didn’t fill the entire hoop, but added greenery to the top and bottom of the wreath.

4) I layered several pieces of greenery one after another and made the bow last. I didn’t add a tutorial for the bow but there are several I’ve seen. I also tied a piece of twine at the back and glued the twine to the hoop for hanging.