DIY Faux Fireplace Mantel Surround

Howdy friends, I have a very fun and rewarding DIY for y’all!

I made a faux fireplace and it was simple and inexpensive!!


Wood – Green Doug Fir / 2-in x 6-in x 12-ft CUT INTO 2 Pcs- 45in EACH. 2 Pc- CUT TO 35in

Wood – Premium Furring Strip / 1-in x 4in x 8-ft CUT INTO 2 Pcs- 45in EACH. 1 Pc- CUT TO 35in.

Beadboard – Optional. The only piece of beadboard I found at Lowe’s was 45x32in and fits almost perfectly inside the mantel

Sanding Paper – Optional (Some wood is more coarse than others)

Paint – Chalk Paint or Latex. I used Sherwin Williams Pure White Satin, since it’s the same color on our baseboards.

Wood Screws – At least 4-5in in length

Liquid Nails – Optional (I used this glue in addition to the nails for added strength)

Wall Mounting – Also optional (The mantel is sturdy on it’s own, but if y’all have little ones and don’t plan to relocate the mantel I’d mount the mantel to the wall)

Cost – Depending on what you may have at home, this project cost around $25.

Mommy’s helper..


1) Let the sanding or painting begin, depending if you chose to sand. I used 3 coats using the Sherwin Williams paint and let the paint dry in between coats. I let mine dry for several hours and I’d recommend over night, but I’m an over achiever.

2) Time to assemble. Gather the 3 Green Doug Fir pieces – 2 45in and 1 35in.

3) May need a helper and to pre-drill the holes before placing the screws into the wood. One could lay the wood out on the floor or stand the pieces up, which ever is easiest. This is the time to add the liquid nail glue in between the 35in and 45in pieces. Take the 35in peice and place it on top of the 45in piece. Using a drill add two screws at the top. Repeat on the opposite side.

4) Once the 3 pieces are assembled, if using the glue allow the glue to dry for an hour or two. At this point take the 3 pieces of the Premium Furring Strip wood and mount the 2 pieces of the 45in wood over the Doug Fir Wood, like a covering. Use the drill to secure the pieces. Repeat on both sides.

5) Add the final 35in Premium furring Strip wood over the top of the 2- 45in Furring Strips and make sure the piece is even with the others.

6) To fill the holes where the screws are I added light weight spackling and smoothed it over. After the spackling dried I sanded a little and painted over it.

Note: Here is the updated mantel. I added the 2-in x 6-in x 12-ft CUT INTO 35in at the bottom of the mantel. I simply repeated the same process as I did for the top piece of the mantel.

This was my first mantel and I’m planning to make another mantel. Please message me if y’all have questions regarding the mantel!

I am not a professional and all of my projects are for personal use.