Build A Christmas Tree

49 days until Christmas! Have y’all started to plan for Christmas? We’re soaking up all the goodness fall offers, but we have begun to prepare for Christmas. I hadn’t decided on how to decorate our tree until now. I really enjoy adding family/hand made ornaments to our tree. This is sometimes a challenge if one is looking for a magazine worthy tree, but I feel, at least in our home these ornaments are important and hold a special place in our hearts. To us a “memory tree” if you will is worthy and beautiful. Here are the ideas I have for decorating the tree and I decided to shop exclusively at Target and more specificly with Hearth and Hand’s Christmas collection!

Affiliate links for your convenience. Photos-Target.

1. Choose the right tree

There are options when it comes to choosing the tree; real or faux? If someone has allergies a faux tree may be the best option, but if not a real tree is classic and smells so LOVELY! Trees can be bare, flocked, pre-lit, tall or short etc. Follow your heart. Also don’t forget to choose a color theme! I’m going with golds, creams and greens with hints of red. Super classic here.


2. Garland

Oh for the love of garland. Choose a garland(s). Hearth and Hand has a few choices. I chose a eucalyptus garland with pinecones. One could also try beads or ribbon. H&H also has a wooden-beaded garland; so pretty.


Beaded Garland

3. Fillers

It’s time to bring out the glam and fill the gaps. I found a few faux stems with H&H but I may need to branch out (pun) and use other brands at Target to fill the tree. If one enjoys a natural look the pinecone and juniper stems by H&H are lovely. If y’all need a little glitz and glam I also added a few other options below.

Pinecone Stem

Juniper Stem

Festive Berry

Berry Stem

4. Ornaments

If you’ve chosen a pre-lit tree (which I recommend) then no need to find lighting. If y’all do not choose a pre-lit tree there are many options for lighting the tree and just remember to put the lights on the tree before the other decorations. Let’s move onto ornaments! We previously discussed hand made and memorable ornaments which I am a huge fan of but they may not be as necessary for some and that’s okay! I decided to make both work, the hand made and new. I’m sticking with golds and H&H’s ball-star ornaments are very fitting for our tree. H&H’s little house and barn ornaments are so sweet and classic and will go well next to our memorable and hand made ornaments.

Star Ornament


5. Tree Skirt

Tree skirt, bucket, box or crate, whichever one chooses, these choices for the tree are all wonderful. I’ve chosen a large gold bucket for our tree, however i may also use H&H’s embroidered white tree skirt, which is stunning.

Tree Skirt

5. Tree Topper

And lastly the tree topper. H&H has a beautiful gold and silver tree star which will fit perfectly on top of our tree.


I hope this post has inpsired and if y’all haven’t seen Hearth and Hand’s 2018 Christmas collection go take a peak, one won’t be disappointed well at least I wasn’t. Cheers!